My Universe

By Pelumi Shotayo 7 months ago

If the winds could talk

What would they say?

If they could whisper into my ears

They'd cry

They'd sob for humanity

They'd weep for the whole of mankind.


What about the clouds? 

What would they say?

They would cry a river

They'd summon the angels on behalf of mankind

They'd flood the earth, the oceans

They'd turn gray with frustration

They'd pray for salvation.


And the Sun?

It'll heat the waters,

Burn the rain

It'll flame in righteous anger.

It's home, it's Universe,

Is being destroyed,


Its home has become a shadow of itself

What mankind has done.


And humanity dances and rejoices

For they know not the harm they have caused themselves,

The danger they have caused their homes

But when they do, they'll gnash their teeth, they'll cry

It would have been too late.


Oluwapelumi Shotayo.

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