My Secret Crush

By Nana Hauwa 13 months ago

I secretly watch you when you are not looking, not in a creepy way but in a if I don't lay my eyes on you my day is not complete sort of way, I will you to look at me but when you finally do, I quickly look down and try to stop my heart from bursting out of my chest.

When you say hello I want to say it back but my mouth refuses to open and then you look at me with your brows furrowed thinking  I hate you or am I just weird but I'd rather you think I'm weird than try to explain myself to you and let my feelings show.

I long for the day I'm brave enough to confess my feelings to you but I know that day won't come.

I write a letter to you every night, just like this one which I'll never send because you are a secret, a secret crush


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