The Invisible Global Battle

By Chinonyerem Great Ikedichukwu 4 months ago

The game of blood

Intertwined with mystery

Complex Monopoly

Scrabbling of the innocence

Of persons

Cries of suckling babies

Mixed feelings of joy and hate

Lost in complexities of calculations


Bloodbath for moneybag

All for iron hands

Green eye monster

Hunting prey predator

To attain mighty thrones

In the midst of Bones & blood

Dead corpse of rivals


The DEMONS of the hot sun

Sucking  the blood of the inhabiters of the sun

In mission of the blessed WHITE DEVIL

In return drinks the wine

Leaving the VINEYARD withered



Around the Black Sea

Extract of BLACKGOLD


Brainstorming for Brainwashing

Sit-tight leaders of the sun


Atlantic charter signed

Invasion exterminated

Neo-colonialism propounded

By soundless trumpet

Unknown policy with no 

Alleged owner

Snow lowest class

Interchanged with BIG-BLACK BIRD

ZOMBIES controlled by unknown order

Execution of hardship, panicking fear and Pain

Resigned by sweet talks

Like the morning cloud 

That is short-lived


Lost in misconcept

Baby to adolescent

Hearing of widespread of war

Rumours of war tagged with 

Biblical scriptures

Having grown from childhood 

To adulthood

To have joy in the beauty of war, revolution, victory and


To meet with peace

In the juncture of hope  

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