My Onions. My Pumpkin.

By Godwin Ebube 13 months ago

Perhaps one day, I'll tell myself a story. About how I left pure gold- one of God's gift to me since February 14th, 2017.


I'll tell how we met as friends, found each other  under the tree beside the school library. I remember the rich, lovely smiles we had. The scent of our eyes harmonizing in loving sequence.


I'll tell how we used to hold hands, like a child stuck to his mother's arms when in danger. I remember the hugs. The warm touch of her body resting on mine. It was like a sweet escape for my head-achings.


I'll tell the fantasies we shared. The days we called at late nights, spoke of love and family. The tears in her eyes when I told her I loved her. The fears in my heart when I finally decided to tell her. I remember the sweet refreshment my heart received when she said she loved me too.


I'll tell how we got deep into emotions. The first night she slept beside me.. Oh, how I remember! The love in her eyes, the wanting, the desire to kiss her lips. She drew me, kissed me.. And I fell asleep in her loving passion. That night too, I remember the intimate moments we shared. Her hot, pure, and creamy body singing in harmony with mine. Her touch. Her breath. My fast heartbeats. My desire to go into her.



But she defended her virginity. 



I'll tell about the remaining days of our relationship. The WAR of jealousy and unbecoming attitudes from me. The days she cried for loneliness and I was just passing by her. The times she wanted to get close but I wasn't there. The time someone else did that for her and my heart got broken. The nights she was tired and almost giving up. I remember she loved me even then. She would always understand and move on with my unbecoming attitudes and annoyance to her. 





I'll tell how I felt tired too. The day my heart broke into pieces when she was playing in such happiness we first shared, with the same guy I got jealous of her. They were too close this time. And I couldn't change that. Didn't want to. He was showing interest, and she liked him. But she loved me. I know, but I let my foolish side overtake my emotions this time.




I'll tell how I got depressed one night. I slept thinking of her in my unconsciousness and dreams. I woke up thinking of her. I slept again thinking of her. All day, I was thinking of her. I couldn't help it. I was running mad. She was hurting in her house. She was thinking of me too. 


I remember our hearts didn't beat much for the other person anymore. Gradually, we were leaving for good. But I'm here at a short distance away from where we first met, thinking about her again. But this time, she could be with the guy under the same tree we met.. Telling her broken heart to him, and he may feel the same way I felt for her 2 years ago. I'm here crying in my heart, wounded by these thoughts and watching some lovers cuddling themselves out here.


I remember her love for me. It was undeserving but true for me. 


I remember I can't be with her anymore. 

Although she was my beautiful. 


I remember I cried hurting inside my hut, depressed to stupor. 

Because she was my onions. 


I remember I still wanted the relationship. But this is not a child's play. 


I remember I still love her. 

But what's love got to do with me again? 



Remember me, Pumpkin. 

Remember me, my love. 









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