The Unwanted Visitor

By Agatha Johnson 2 months ago

You are every man's dread

but the poor man's best friend

As you care for none

but yourself


Do you ever pause and think

before answering the call?

Do you ever care to know

about the opinion of the person you visit?


Do you ever wish

you were not dreaded?

Do you ever think

that you could be accepted?


Or you have always loved it

when people dread you?

Or you love visiting stealthily

like a thief


You have left us cold

without listening to the cries of our loved ones

You have taken our loved ones

without a second thought to our emotions


You have destroyed our dreams of hopes

for a better tomorrow

filled with happiness

with no tears of sorrow

Having everyone present


Oh Death!

You are every man's dread

but the poor man's friend through wishes

You care for none but yourself

I wish for no visit from you again

As your visit has no gain

especially in the homes of our loved ones

Just answer the calls of those that call you alone

Oh Death!

I pray to see you no more

As none is old enough for your visit

Oh Death, no more visit I really insist!

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