My Melanin, My Complexion.

By Lawrence Ruth 6 months ago

     My Melanin, My Complexion

        Every  lady or woman, single or married, house wife or professional worker, students or little girls all wants and desire the best complexion for her looks. However black or white, dark or fair, bronze or chocolate, we’re all beautiful and unique in your own way. The blind assumption that white or fair skin is more beautiful and makes you look younger is just mere ignorance displayed by some people who don’t really know how beautiful they are hence they blindly undergo a risky procedure to get rid of their melanin ( a pigment responsible for dark skin) or their dark skin complexion to a fair one.  While some people wished and desire to be fair some wished and desire to be dark but the rate at which people want a fairer skin is alarming but which is better a dark skin or a fair skin. To know this let’s discuss “ Melanin” the pigment behind dark skin.

                           Your Melanin

The skin complexion is determined by a pigment called melanin which is present in both dark and fair skinned but it comes in different forms and ratios. The two form of melanin comes as  Eumelanin and pheomelanin. Eumelanin primary comes in dark and brown hues while pheomelanin comes in red and yellow hues they are produced by melanocytes ( a specialized group of cells). The ratio or amount of melanin in ones body determines the person’s complexion. People with dark skin have more melanin than those with fair complexion. So in order to get a fairer skin people go in to an extreme end of getting rid of their melanin or controlling it’s ratio either by tanning or bleaching. But what  you need to know is the importance of your melanin in your skin.

          Importance  Of Melanin

It’s important you know the importance of your melanin or your dark skinned complexion before you think of bleaching away your skin and exposing your inner cells to dangers. Melanin is produced as a response to UV radiation in order to prevent the damage of cells and tissues even the DNA. It’s also important that you know that melanin production is important for the prevention of skin cancers such as melanoma. The melanin is there to protect your skin and keep you save and sound. So you or  those with dark skin are at lesser risk of having skin cancer your melanin is just there to protect you and prevent this harm from getting to you.

              Why you should Never Bleached Your Skin. 

 Having been told or seen the importance of melanin it’s enough reason to tell you why you shouldn’t bleach your skin. However here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t bleach your skin.

• Absence of or very little melanin to protect your skin.

• Greater chance or risk of having skin cancer

• Itchy and flaky skin

• Sunburns and inflammation.

• Mercury poisoning

• Early aging

• Prone to skin injury.


Black or white, dark or fair, bronze or chocolate, you shouldn’t bleach. You’re beautiful and there’s a reason you’re the way you are. Finally you should know that no one is black or white your skin complexion just differs from the ratio of your melanin. Don’t be deceived by the false assumption that fairer skin are  more beautiful because dark complexion too is beautiful they're “Black Beauties”. No need to worry, no need  to bleach, dark or fair you’re beautiful.


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