My Lover's Home.

By Lawrence Ruth 11 months ago

            My Lover's Home

Here he comes,

Grunting noisly like a hungry pig.

With a fat big stomach he strolls.

Uneasily and unsteady he mounts the bed.

I feel the heat from him, I hate that.

That stink and stench from the brew

Pity me! Off I was throwing up.


You drunk! You filth!

Have you no dignity or manners?

 My mere words on deaf ears.

" Zizzzz" " Zizzzz" one sound I hate to hear

He's snoring! 

What could I expect from a big fella.

One kick from me then another were just mere kids hands playing on his chin.


Here! My Lover's home.

No, that was just my big fella.

Never again, will I date a big fella

Not a drunk, No! Not one nasty one.

On that cold bare tiles I squeezed myself.

The cold, the little fever, all for the fear of that nasty snore.

This is when My Lovers Home.





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