My Love Story

By Favour chidera 14 months ago

I know a lover that never fails to love me!!!

A love that looks past my sins and embraces me continually in his Mercy.

A lover that has crowned me "The love of his life" 

A love that never gives up on me..

A lover that has my name boldly imprinted in the tablets of his heart..

I know real and true love!!

A love that gives grace as a second chance..

A lover that has committed forever to loving me, this love never weavers, this love never runs dry, this love is always unconditional.




But I never knew this love..

All I knew were an expression of feelings from men that never understood what loving me was all about. Well they tried, some loved me only until a replacement showed up, some loved me only until they felt like loving me, and later left me broken and craving for the next.

...... somehow this love found me!!

And made me the "one" without thinking twice!! This love transformed me, and taught me the very way of loving others..Yes!! And it has been us for a long time now..

With him I've found safety and security, well there's never been a time I feared being replaced!! Ahh no, this love is true and unending..


But I never knew this kind of love until I said Yes to Jesus. 

I said yes to a real all time super lover. I said yes to a lover that does pretty more than Hollywood actor's in a love scene!! I said yes to the one who has chosen to love the totality of my personality. But still gives me so many more chances to be a better me. That is the love only Jesus brings.




I sincerely hope we become a part of this "love story" so together tag along for a love ride, through the aisle of eternity. Forever!!!





Thanks for reading through..

    💖 Favour chidera


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