My Love

By Frank Olunga Khange 1 weeks ago

Heavens saw my sadness,

and granted my wishes,

if I could make another wish,

I would wish to die by your side,

starring at your magnificent beauty,

love is a drug that I won't quit.


Everytime I close my eyes,

I see your perfect image,

you got me trapped in your heart,

and whenever someone mentions love,

your name comes running to my lips,

you not only stole my heart,

but also brain washed my mind.


When I was giving up,

you taught me how to love again,

like an antidote you cured my pain,

daily sadness is eroding from my life,

and my sole wish is to make you my wife.

I might not own an empire,

but you are my empress.

I might not own a kingdom,

but you are my queen.


Your voice is so sweet and melodious,

that makes angels jealous,

your figure is world wonder,

you must have been a goddess,

your smiles are sexy and warm,

and I want you in my home.


Daily I am having these visions,

you and I dancing in the rains,

holding hands and playing hide and seek.

If I was a magician you could be my favorite trick,

be my host and I will be your tick,

since everything about you deserves me.

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Frank Olunga Khange
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