My Life, Not My Choice

By Adesokan Abdulafeez 4 months ago

All I want is a life that is mine

But everyone else has got their chains on me and it is now intertwined

All I want is to chase my goals and build my dreams

But these people have their hooks in me and are pulling by the seams

If I die like this my stone would read:

"Here lies a man who was there for others but never for him."

I keep trying and trying to do my thing.

But they keep tugging and tugging and they pull me back in.

My head's a mess my brain is fogged up.

And my body is stressed, it's draining of blood

My eyes are cloudy from all of their demands.

My vision is blurry I don't see where it ends.

And I try to speak: I'm weak, I can't stand!

But they tell me: "Do it, you see you're a man!"

This life's a lie, it's not true to me.

I'd only became what you want me to be.

Not me.

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