My Last Words

By Jessica Wellington 7 months ago

If I'm cursed never to wake up from my rest,

And they venture to check what my last words were,

They'd search and search,

For my lips have never spoken those words to none, even mine ears...


True...Love is nice!

Even more true...its taste!

But then mine is lost,

I'm certain that it'll remain so...


No...this is not a suicide note

'Cos' yes, I'm the loser...

I lost you...

I threw you and the wind got you...

Time and time again, "I'd never let u slip out my fingers"

But then I greased my fingers myself...

I even added a pinch of okra ...

And laid u there...

You didn't slip...I pushed you


My last words are not the words of a saint...

But the words of a bitter heart...

That lives, DEAD

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Jessica Wellington
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