My Enemy, My Lover.

By Lawrence Ruth 11 months ago

      My Enemy, My Lover.

Have you ever hated someone for no reasons? Have your enemy turned out being your lover? And have you ever wished you said one last word before a dismissal of a friend? If you haven’t or had l, mine is yes. I had hated and despise whom I saw as an enemy who only ended up being my angel. He took my pains and horror, until his last breath I never knew this is just one person that deserves my love. Wouldn’t it be proper I tell you my story in ddetail, I’d  guess you would like  to listen to the tragedic end of one sided lover.

      My name’s Amaka, am the fifth child of my parent and the only girl in the family of eight. I live with my aunt at Elele Port Harcourt city. 

       On a cool Friday evening I went out to a kiosk close by to get some snacks to my little cousin brother who wouldn’t stop crying if I don’t get him his favorite “ Mini Mini” chin chin. On my way to the kiosk I saw Andi a dark skin young guy already at the kiosk. This was one guy I hate so much, I hated everything about him, his complexion, his walking steps, the way he speaks, everything about him disgust me a lot. I just hated him for no reason. I thought of what to do when I saw him at the kiosk “ Waiting here until he leaves, isn’t a bad idea” I thought.

       “ I turned and hide myself away from his views. Later as  I peep I thought he had gone, with a sigh I  jumped out and walked to the kiosk.

     “Madam, please, can I have hundred naira mini mini chin chin?” I asked the lady in charge who attended to me immediately. I got what I wanted and was about moving when I felt a grip on my wrist. I turned to look at who it was, to my greatest surprise standing right before me and towering me like a giant was Antonio my crush. My heart skipped a bit, I felt shy and embarrassed. 

“ Hi” he smiled 

“ hello” I prattled. I looked into his bright brilliant smile, his fair smooth skin and shiny teeth. I noticed he was well dressed as usual with well polished shoes and a pair of silver wrist watch, with style I looked at myself what a mess!” “ silly me, I should have dressed better than this” I cursed under my breadth.

     “ What are you doing here?” he asked 

“ Oh! I … I … just came by to get some mini mini chin chin for my little cousin brother, you know how he worries?” I stammered.

“ Yeah, that your little cousin. I can remember the last time I visit, he wouldn’t allow you have a little time with me” he gibbered

 “ Yeah!” I prattled feeling so nervous, my heart was racing fast and I could feel the goose pimples round my body. The siren from a passing can reminded me we were outside with people who could possibly be watching or listening to us.

“ Are you alright?” Antonio asked after noticing how nervous I was

“ yes, I am…. Just feeling cold. I need to leave please. The kids need my attention at home” I replied 

“ let me walk you home” I heard him say 

“ Is that really necessary?” I asked but deep down me I was praying he should persist.

“ maybe it is. Walking an angel like you will make my day, if you don’t mind let me walk you home” 

“ oh, how sweet of you” I heard myself saying.

Gradually we walked towards the bungalow where I live. A stone throw from the gate I heard my name

“ Amaka!, Amaka!” I turned to look at the intruder, I saw Andi walking fast towards me. I felt so upset. What was he coming to do?” I wondered

“ please let’s go, I don’t really know him, he’s just a pest” I muttered beckoning on Antonio we move on. But that was just late.

“ Hello, Amaka. I’ve been looking for you, where have you been” a panting Andi gibbered

“ Please, please, Andi spare me your talks this noon. As you can see am busy with someone so  important and special” I sputtered.

I watched Andi and Antonio exchange a look of familiarity

“ do you guys know each other?” I asked a frightened Antonio

“ No, babe I think we should move “ he replied

“ Babe? Did I hear that right?” Andi chipped in but he was actually talking to himself because we left him all to himself.

A weak later, I heard a knock on my door, excited and over joyed I thought it was Antonio

“ Tada!” I opened the door but right in front of me was Andi.

“ What are you doing here?” I sputtered 

“ I need to talk you” 

“ About what?” 

“ Antonio”

“ How about him what happened to him?” I sputtered

“ Listened to me please, Antonio isn’t the kind of guy you think he is, I know him more than you” Andi tried to explain

“ What do you mean?” 

“ He can harm you, he isn’t a gentle guy as you think, he’s one dangerous guy you shouldn’t know, believe me”

“ Ha! What level of jealousy is this” I muttered

“ Look Antonio and I are having a date this evening so please don’t come and ruined everything for me, beside you’re just mere, I don’t like your  kind of person, get lost” I sputtered but I haven’t gone so far when Antonio walked in again I noticed the weird look he exchanged with Andi, I didn’t mind that cause I was  too excited seeing my crush around, this  was my first date with him and I didn’t want anything messing it up , not even worst of all Andi.

Excitedly I rushed in and changed to my best dress by the time I was back I noticed the two guys were in deep hot argument, my presence calmed them down.

“ See you next time Andi… I mean don’t come around again, please” I muttered then off with Antonio we zoomed out.

  We went to chicken pepperoni then to  the beach and finally we we’re heading where Antonio said was special, he said he wants to surprise me. Excitedly but nervous I watched him drive the car. He drive into a lonely street then into a bushy area, as if that wasn’t enough he went deeper into the bush scared and perplexed I asked him

“ Where are we heading to?” 

“ just wait, it’s a surprise just for you” he replied with a muschievious smile that I haven’t seen before from him. That really got me scared.

He drove in to an isolated uncompleted building and told me to get down from the car

“ What are we doing here and where’s here? I mean which place is this?”

“ My friend get down from that car!” Antonio thundered with a fierce look I had never seen from him. He made a call, then  minutes later about five huge taut walked out of the building towards us.

“ Na the girl be this?” one of the guys asked once they got to us.

“ Yes” Antonio replied. They handed him some money then he walked briskly back to the car then just then it down on me the kind of person I’ve been with. I turned to leave with him but the huge guys stopped me

“ You dey craze?, Dem born you well at all?” one of them asked

“Abi you want make we bounce on you” another chip in

“ no mind am, in never know where in dey”

“ My friend move, before I woz you one slap na” the previous commanded with fierce look , I walked to the uncompleted building trembling. 

“ Oh! God please help me, if only I had listened to Andi” I whispered under my breath.

      Inside the building I met other young girls who were tied to a pillar some were  led to the back of the building and were never seen. 

I stayed in the building with the other girls for five days, more girls were still trooping in and one thing I observed majority of them were dressed  in their party wears few were dressed casually. This simply means they were either deceived by their boy friends or were just kidnapped but majority were lured and deceived. 

The day that marked my week of being there I was dragged the back of the building, what I saw made my blood ran cold. I was half dead with horror. At the back of the building were girls genital parts, ranging from their breast, clitoris,vulva, etc… I couldn’t believe my eyes. This people were ritualist! From a nearby bush a very old skinny looking man came out chanting strange weird songs, he dance and danced then stood in front of me. He ordered the huge guy to tired my wrist and pin my head to a rough blood stained table  I tried to scream but couldn’t the rag stuffed into mouth won’t allow me do that. I could only shed tears and watch my cruel deal. The evil looking old man walked up to me with a sharp doubled edge dagger. He pressed mouth and rip my clothes off and everything on me then I was nude. I was laid straight flat, to lye on my back, two huge men holding my legs and hands apart. The evil looking old man walked and leaned close to my chest , he raised the dagger he was holding with his right hand then with his left hand grabbed my left boob, I saw how high the dagger was and the way it Shone at the glare of the sun, a sudden fear gripped me, while the dagger came down so fast on my left side towards my left boob, I closed my eyes, I felt a sharp piercing pain run through my veins, could this be the dagger running through my skin? I didn’t really know cause I fainted  before the dagger landed on my boob.

      I woke up in a care unit. Wondering where I was, I looked round so confused and weak. Gradually my memory came back then I remembered the trauma I passed through then pinched myself if I was still alive or was I in what people call the after life? 

“ you’re awake Amara?” a young fair lady walked up to me

“ where am I?”  I asked her “ Am I alive or dead, is this some kind of after life?” I asked again looking round.

“ No, you’re alright, except for the brutal injury you had on your left breast which almost cost you your life” 



“ My left breast”  I whispered more to myself then gradually I remembered feeling a sharp pain before fainting.

“ my breast” I muttered touching and holding my breast I made for my left breast looked at it to be sure I had two complete set of breast. I noticed there was some bandage on it.

“ wait a minute, please. Can I still use my two breast? I mean my left breast, can I feed my baby with it if I had one? Are my breast normal and okay?” I asked with fear

“ Sweet heart” she said gently holding my hand “ you’re alright, you’ll be perfectly okay by next week, we need to work on your left breast, so you get two set of healthy breast”

“ Alright”  I heaved a sigh of relief “ But that won’t lead me to any form of operation, will it?”

“ it would have if the cut got to the third layer of your skin, but it didn’t, so no operation but intense check ups and medications are what your system requires now” the young lady explained then I calmed down.

A weak later I was discharged. 

      I ran to thank Andi for what he did but the news I got, got me devastated.

“ Am sorry Amaka, but Andi just passed away at the incident”

“How? How did it happened?”   I asked 

“ While trying to safe you from those barbarian  he had a serious fight with those beast, in the process he was stabbed  close to his veins before the police and ambulance could arrived he lost lots of blood but how ever” Akan Andi's brother continued “ However he scribbled some words for you before he passed away”

“ Some words for me?” 

“ yes, wait here for me while I get it” he ran inside then came out with a piece of paper 

I opened it eagerly then read what was in it

   “ Hope you know how much I love you now?” Not every guy who say I love you really does, Antonio is gone and so am I, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people like Antonio and I out there. Be careful not to  fall for people like Antonio and don’t  be so silly next time going after beauty, fame and wealth. You’d see people like me if you watch calmly. However just know how much I love you. 

Good bye”.  That was what Andi left for me before giving up the ghost. I cried bitterly and wished I said “ I Love You”.



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