My Dedication

By Emakpor Oghenerume 16 months ago

Light on as camera was on showing Mr Felix( Raymond Father) reading a newspaper

Felix: I don't know what this nation is turning into.. How can young boy's be stealing pants, I thinks this must be a sign of end time.. When I was like them, I do wash my girlfriend pants then without she getting sacred, but I don't think you can try that with this set of youth( then he called His wife) Honey!!

Grace: yes dear, sorry I was busy with thing in the kitchen

Felix: No worries I just called you to see what is happening in this Nation, just take a look( he handed over the new paper to her)

Grace: My dear ritual has been the order of the day, young guys this day don't want to work, they are looking for quick Money and it's the ladies that are falling victim.. Thank God we where not born at this generation by now I should not have been sitting close to you.

Felix: (looking confuse) wait! What do you mean, how wish I was in this generation will won't have been thinking about using someone's pant for money..

Grace: (laugh) hmmmm that is what they said when they where still little.. My dear change is constant they says

Felix: by the way where is Raymond I forgot to tell you he has been giving admission to study law at Toronto University the letter was sent to me via my email last night by prof. Sam

Grace: (she was happy) Oh God my son will be going to school soon( immediately you called Raymond) Raymond!!( then he turns to his husband) but dear did you ask him what he really wanted in life

Felix: why will I ask him.. I want him to be a professional( Raymond step in)

Raymond: mum you sent for me

Grace: yes ooh! Actually your father has a good news for you

Raymond: ( with smile on his face) really? 

Felix: My son you have been giving admission to Toronto university to study law

Raymond: law! Daddy no oooh! I can't.

Felix: so tell me what do you want to study

Raymond: Daddy I want to go into music

 Felix: Chai.. This is the beginning of pant oooh!

To be continued

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