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By Okpala precious 8 months ago

Motivation for Dreamers.

"A curious mind is a successful mind. Ask the right questions. Always seek answers", as Dr moses simuyeba quote. 

1. Discover the real you. 

who are you and why are you here??. It may seem like an easy straightforward question and hence, most people would answer by giving out their real name without thinking about the question.  But on deeper thoughts and reflection, who exactly are you??. 

2.Never quit.

Is it as if when you work hard, you dont get the result as you planned?. Are you in anger because when you just think you re making progress, something goes wrong??  I know at such times, you feel defeated and wants to give up,  but just try asking yourself, what can you do to be on top of things?. 

3.Invest in your true self.

Are you searching for success everywhere except the one true place you can actually find it? Does life seem like pouring water on stones??. 

4.Try something new.

Are you scared of doing a new thing??? Are you happy and comfortable on how things are now?. Have you ever tried something new and nothing still changed??

5.Risk taking.

Are you  taking it too secured and getting nowhere fast?? . Dont you wanna take risks for some things?? Are you stuck in comfort zone and just wanting to have a mistake-free life, stress-free life??. It may sound like the best life, but its actually  the "no life" way to go. 

6.A warning to optimists.

Are you covered by your optimism that is keeping you from making real progress in life?. Do you prefer listening to your own thoughts or other people's words??.  Could the very fact that you are so postive in outlook be a liability rather than an asset??.  That could all depend on whether or not you are making best use of your current reality. 

7.Overcoming your obstacles.

Can having two much options become an obstacle or  a postive thing??.  Is there a lack of progress  in your life? What are actually your obstacles?. 

8.The neccessity of wealth. 

Are you scared  to say that you desire to be rich?.  Or are you eager to become wealthy?.  

"The beauty of thought is that is that it can take you anywhere and everywhere. A truly free mind can never be held captive".. 

Think, answer the questions and watch how you succeed in life. !!!.

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