Mother's Love

By Lawrence Ruth 15 months ago





          Mother’s Love.

My darling heart.

My precious rubby.

May God bless the very day 

You brought me into this world.

For that day my joy knew no bound

Though I cried out loud for the world 

To know I’ve arrived.


You cuddled me in your arms with love

You made sure am spick and span

My tears means your tears.

My joy means your joy.

Your mellifluous voice as sweet as honey

Makes me sleep when am restless.


As far apart as the poles

You never want us to be.

With your faithful prayers to God,

You’ve made my obstacles as calm as death.

You’re as brave as the Achilles

For even at the prick of death

You held me tightly to your bosom.


My prayers to you my precious rubby

Is that the almighty keeps you peacefully alife

For by his merciful grace

I will make your world a paradise

You’ve made my a blissful one

So I shall make you lack nothing

At your old age..



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