Monster To His Angel

By Sheetnahn 20 months ago

I want you.

I like you

I really like you, like really do.

I like to think that I know you

I think I've met you, 

The sweet smiling angel, broad chest and tough

All my fears and enemies I trust you can fight off.

I met that smile, that wittyness that makes me laugh

I've seen the calmness that withstands the turbulence that I am

And I think I like who I've seen,who I think I've met... But it's not okay

This big ditch that I am could be a trap

But you have fallen in it and you know your way about even blindly

But I still cannot belch from satisfaction of you.

I cannot open my palm and trust that yours will fill it , for I'm not sure if you're here

Even though your smile is everywhere

I still fear

I like whom I've seen or who you have let me see

But I want to see the other side too

The other side of my angel

If you are an old kitchen blackened from years of shielding the world off of smoke from good and bad burning firewood,

Then I want to see the blackness, in it's ugliness

If you were a building that had crumbled and it's being restored

Then I want to see the broken bricks and let the sand sift through my fingers

If you were a garden, that blossomed with the fruits with the juiciest nectar, but has been flooded

Then I want to see where the garden once stood

I want to applaud you for withholding alot of soot, 

I want to be one of the Mason's who help rebuild your crumbled walls

I will sit with you till the flood dries out, and help you see them at the sun still lights up the sky and the moon,the night.

Let me meet the angel and the monster

And know how to navigate my happily ever after. For when you're an angel, you tame the beast that I become and when you are your monster, I know how to bring you back.

Let me meet all of you, allow me to say it was lovely to meet you.

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