By Godwin Ebube 4 months ago

Did you know that every moment shared with family and loved ones is a precious blessing you give and receive? 

How much money you spend on them doesn't count as much as how much time you spend with them. That makes you such a valuable asset to humanity! 

But the time we spend with our family and loved ones passes and gradually turns into memories. Well, that's life here. Don't you wish to stay with the ones you love forever?  I do. It's just not happening. 

Those things you fondly remember back then, those childhood memories, those pampered care of family, those funny games you played, those times you played in the rain, those emotions, those moments are gone.  What's left now is memories. 

And sometimes, memories don't last too. Why are we so like this! 


Reason with me on this. What if we spent more time with our loved ones than chasing money and attaining high social class? I mean... Hustle ooh, but your heart should be home. 


Tell me which is better, if you understand this- 

A father and husband to a wife who always runs out of the house every day just to keep his family comfortable VS a father who vibes with his lovely kids and his priceless woman at home, being self-employed? Okay, that may not really be a huge deal of difference, but do you get the point?  



The gist of this long post is that, understand that God's gift to us every day we are, which is life, should be shared MORE with our loved ones and family than any human pursuit. Because someday you may never have the chance again to meet, talk, care, or tell them how much you love them. 


Today is blessed. Today is a gift to share love and care to people. Because there's only one today, and after which becomes memory. So, what would you like to do for your loved ones Today? 



Do something...





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Godwin Ebube
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