Mmadubuchi Andrew Agbo

By Victor agbo 12 months ago

Days has run dry,still the date of his burial and mouths are filled shouts of predicaments and inner touches . Where everybody looks mute and bevy of oneself, on a thousand stripes we wait attentively for the dramatic call of nature .But what can we show to nature on his reward . Each minute we are vultures targeting the rotten meat of the zebra. We manage what we get and make something out of it ,nature made us feel infuriated over. We lost what's irreapecable .The wonder ,industrious, motivator and philosopher of life.


Death has done its part ,my part is more than a minute silent .There we shout ATAS! For the painful exist. A man with an eagle view and the strength . And speed of cheetah and strategy of the Queen bee. ATAS! Once more.



He hails from Mbu-Amon in Isu-uzo local government area of Enugu state.  Had his early days of primary and secondary school at his place in mbu community school ,which he later migrated to northern part of Nigeria for greener pasture and betterment of his family. Where he learned motor parts dealings. He later returned back with much income,which he based on obollo -Afor where he meet death. He survived by lovely wife (nma ora),five children and other relativel.BYE UNCLE .

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Victor agbo
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