Mixed Feelings

By vechi Allen 6 months ago

It gets to this point in our life where all we need is love; care just to feel alright.


That feeling of we needing another to support us with their shoulder; to stand by us through thick and thin until we become strong again.


  Within, we acknowledge how reciprocal we ought to be with our actions because we can't stand alone without each other "Our other half".


So we sail the deep ocean of love in search of the perfect island to complement our heart desires, sailing through storms of rejection, imperfection and frustration on to the promised land.


Hoping that someday we would be just fine. 

We strive to let these thoughts of being forlorn slide and act like we are alright but deep within we know that we aren't just fine.


So we fake a smile and move on with the breath of life hoping that someday would be just fine with our perfect match.



All it took was time, and slowly we got our eyes caught and locked up in "Beauty, perfection, intelligence" and a host of all other features we had ever wished for, all embedded in the one in which our heart has chosen.


  So we kit up and make the move with cold feelings drifting into our hearts.


This is the time we had ever wished and dreamt of, this is the perfection we had imagined happening in reality.


Hoping that we last forever, things get cracked up and not so Rossy.

Our thoughts, emotions and other half slowly drift out of our palm.


Skipping calls, skipping texts, boycotting views from our face and never wanting to see each other again.



I know this is life, a bunch of mixed feelings.

Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win.

But this time, we let things happen hoping that someday we'd heal; and these wounds in our hearts would be no more.



About author: 

VADNUVECHI ALLEN, also known as "VECHI ALLEN" is a Freelancer writer and law student from Nigeria. He is a Red Carpet & Corporate Event host. He can be reached via allenvechi@gmail.com, on Twitter; @vechiallen.

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