Men Of The Grave

By Felix Zachariah 4 months ago

The Spirit of Fear: 


Fear is one of the greatest devices of the Devil. He had used it to held back many in perpetual bondage. The fear of insecurity, the fear of the unknown, the fear of rising to destiny, the fear of poverty, the fear of loss, the fear of betrayal, the fear of disappointment, the fear of failure, the fear of rising above the status quo, the fear of becoming witnesses to the resurrection of Christ. Our Lord.


But, God had not given us 'this' spirit of fear but the 'spirit of power, love and of a sound mind.'


The Devil is definitely up to something: he came to steal, to kill, and destroy but Jesus came purposely that we may have abundant Life in him. (John 10:10)


Fear had cheated us out of happiness. It had rendered many men spiritual embeciles; the root cause of the stuntedness of our spiritual growth.

 Satan knows that we are part of the very seed that will 'crush' his head, the reason he fight us with fear and accusation each time we sin or in debt.


Our Fears give him the permission to accuse the brethren.

It is the license he has got to control lives, territories and governments.


Brethren, until we rise above fear by the instrumentality of ever-increasing faith in God, the Devil will continue to make an open mockery of us because his pleasure is the damnation of Souls.

Now, will you rather choose to remain in timidity or will you grant the HolySpirit the permission to deliver you from accusations?


Today, It is all up to you to decide which way you will choose to walk forever.


Fear is one of the reason why many are in hell, it is the reason why many are going there too.

It presence in a life is a sign that the HolySpirit hasn't taken over so completely to break out the Light through us.


It is this singular realization of the dangers of  this monster and the beseeching of God for help in the place of prayer that our security can be guaranteed.


Now, Faith is the substances of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrew 11:1)


Remember, unless we walk this new Life by faith, we cannot please God.


Thus, we must walk by faith and not by sight.



The Men of The Grave:



A man must die to be buried in the grave. No man ever decide to die consciously unless he wills to

The Grave is the point where immortal life begins.

If fear was a problem, then the grave is the answer:

If lust was a problem, the grave is the answer

If mansturbation was a problem, the grave is the answer

If sexual immorality was the problem, the grave is the answer.

If bitterness was a problem, the grave is the answer

If rejection, betrayal, envy, jealousy, addictions were all problems, the grave is the perfect answer.


The Grave is the therapeutic antidote to Carnality or Fleshly Living:


It is the where the making of the mortal immortals begins.

It is where self-will dies, and the will of God germinate as yours

It is where sin loss grip of your life; the doors of accusations are shut against your life.

This is when the power of God which for long has descended owing to presence of true accusations begin to manifest through your life.

It is the beginning of the 'walk in the spirit.' When the flesh loss it power over men.



The Process:


In this process, your reputation does not matter; because a dead man cannot possibly be concerned about his reputation.

Ego dies, pride dies, arrogance dies, desire dies, taste dies, pleasure dies. Everything that is not an investment of God in a life begins to experience death so that the power of resurrection can take over.

It will cost you your all but 'the glory of the latter house shall be greater than [that] of the former' because, "as soon as Zion travails, she shall put forth."


Life may be meaningless now but not after the process.

Things may be out of your control now but not after the process.


One of my beloved apostle once said:


"Only dead men can carry the glory of God."


This is the truth of the whole matter. Men can be trusted by God but he need first kill you before he uses you. This is how he vets your passion for him.


I know that You have been asking God to show you His glory. As much as it is expedient to pray, it is even more expedient to enter your grave until he's done with your weaknesses. That does not imply that he wants you to be perfect before he can be able to make use of your vessel.


But, He is asking you today, 'When are you ready to die to yourself, that I may take over?'


It won't be long that he'll show up. As you open your heart to pray, know that I am practically interceding for you here.


Never you give up, suicide is not the solution to your problems but an encounter with Jesus in the Grave.

Whatever cannot save you from Hell Fire will take you to Hell Fire.



"It is the spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing."



The Life of the Process: 


The Christian pilgrimage is not all rosy-bed but this we know for a fact, that the sufferings of this world is just but for a 'little while'.

Suffering and Persecution is part and parcel of this walk. It is the integral component of the believer's race of Faith.


"The race is not of him that willeth or runneth but of the LORD that showeth mercy."


The Bible says, "many are the afflictions of the righteous but they LORD shall deliver him out of them all."


Many bondservant of the LORD are going through series of serious accusations; many have lost their Life as matyrs for the sake of the gospel.


God is aware but it is a test in time for the approval of God in eternity.

Though, we be butchered and rejected by this world, it worketh for us but an eternal weight of glory.


That a man can offer accurate exegesis of scriptures is not a proof of alignment and death to himself. The proof of alignment is deepened brokenness.


Why have you really refused to die? Check your life and you will see that there are some things you aren't willing to let go. What ever that is, it cannot or rather shouldn't separate you from the love of God.


There's nothing wrong with exegesis anyway but what becomes your fate when body-soul separation happens to you.

Will God be proud of your life enough to tell it as story to a generation? Think about it.


There is absolutely no problems with you speaking in tongues but what impact had your tongue wrought in your life and through your life?


The Bible says, "in all thy getting get wisdom", and other scriptures admonished that we be wish as 'serpents'.


May tongues of fire not take you to hell's fire

May your exegesis not become a curse on your life.

May we not continue in sin that grace may abound.



The Clarion Call:


I want to introduce you to the person of Jesus just in case you have not given your life to him.

For 'The night comes when no man can work' but  what really shall it profit a man if he should gain the power, the gold and the fame but loses his soul to Satan.


Those brothels may never be heard of again

You may not survive the abortion you are going for

That clash between the cults in your campus may take your life

That secret sin may take you to Hell this minute.


The Bible says, "with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."


If the trumpet should sound today, what will be your fate in immortality?


You have come to realized that you truly never meant it when you claimed to love God. I know because I have been there but "God loves a repentant sinner." I know that you will make a better decision today.


Now that you just realized that you have been deceiving yourself all along but now is the time to set things aright. This is the day of Salvation.


There is still hope for the stump of a tree which still has it roots planted in good soil.


"If that today you will listen to His voice, harden not your heart as your ancestors did in the provocation in the wilderness."


Jesus yearns that you come back him with all your heart.

Forget the lies the members of the Body of Christ told you

Forget the showmanship and the gross exhibition of phariseecracy.

There are things your spiritual fathers refused to tell you.

These things shouldn't discourage you as you go in pursuit of God.


It doesn't matter what you have done before; what matters is that you will soon enter a Covenant with God not to do those things again.


Let them continue calling you a hypocrite. You just keep it up in your pursuit of God.


I know what it means to preach against the same things you do


I know what it means to go back to your own vomit countless times even after getting born again into Christ. They thought you will remain a hypocrite forever. Please, prove them wrong!


Satan thinks he can continue to deceive you, prove him wrong!


The Church has lost faith in the UMA UKPAIS of our generation. Can you prove them wrong also?!



When you are ready to surrender your life completely to Jesus and your will to the dealings of the HolySpirit:


Please, bow your head as you kneel down wherever that you are and say something to Jesus from the depths of your heart.




Let us Pray!




© Revivalist Felix Zachariah


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