By Egwunwankwo Chizurum 13 months ago


i was seated in my dad's office, it was a busy day, i've been on my toes since morning and i'm tired. he walks in and i notice his presence...who wouldn't?he was tall, fair skined, had this nice haircut and exuded this strong, masculine scent.

''hi, i want to make inquires on how to process and apply for a chinese visa''.

i try not to stare, nah... i am a well behaved girl, i mean...we dont stare at men when they walk in regardless f how fine they are, or how good they look. i simply squared my shoulders and told him how the application is been done and its processes. in the process of helping him fill out this form, we get talking, i get sarcastic and he replies with sarcasm too. i think my dad is giving us side eyes, but he relaxes, he sees me laughing. i haven't laughed in weeks. we have had a tough week with a lot of financial needs to tend to.

i finish attending to him, he straightens, extends his hand for a handshake and i oblige. he waves to my dad, moves closer and asks if he can take me out for lunch within the week. i'm not sure, i was just getting over 'dees' demise and i felt it was too early to even smile at another man. but there's something about this stranger, his aura, the subtle gentility, his humour and the way he speaks gently..

''ok, i hear myself saying...

and then he smiles...

maybe i would be ok, maybe i could use a month, maybe this stranger could be a friend i need....

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