Meet Athena Eleanor

By Emerald May 15 months ago

Athena Eleanor, how would I describe her? Well, let me try. She is the most beautiful girl I have seen; when she walks into the room everyone stops to stare and admire. Her strong personality makes up her tiny frame and she has everybody listening when she starts to speak. She is the girl that every boy wants to be with and every girl wants to be like. Athena has everything going for her; beauty, brains and money. All in all, she is the epitome of 'Has it all'. My attempt to describe Athena Eleanor would never do justice to the wonderful woman she is. Athena Eleanor is the girl I wake every day wish I was like. I want to be carefree like her; can you imagine she is not afraid to do her awkward dancing in front of people? She speaks a lot of words of wisdom each time that she talks; I mean have you heard her speak in class? She has everyone saying how amazing she is. I really just want to be her. I pray to God every day that I become her. 


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Emerald May
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