Mama Pleads

By Jason Joshua chigozie 5 months ago



Are your thoughts about mama? 

Or just what you're facing? 

Negative vibes

You'd wanna end it?


By the way

Mama has been crying

If you end it your boyfriend lost a girlfriend

But mama lost her whole world. 


Why do you play with your life

Don't try pleasing others

Don't feel it's your duty

Mama pleads daily. 


She says

I carried you for nine months

She's been crying

Please don't go.... 


When you're worried

Come back home

Mama is right here 

Please, please don't go away.. 


If she loses you 

She lost her whole world

If they lose you

They lost a boy. 


Mama will cry

Mama might die

Baby please don't end it

Mama pleads. 

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