Off To The Land Of Gratitude

By Olatide Oluwadamilola 8 months ago

Before, behind, above and below are four words that can't be toiled with
Extreme is another word that is far beyond my utterances
It's crazy how we make unspoken words spoken
It's amusing how words meant to be spoken are bottled up and completely forgotten
What is far more amusing is that helpless woman on the street begging for alms
I have seen her on her knees murmuring words with her hands raised up high, as she bows her head to the ground
Finally, looking up to the sky like someone expecting manna from heaven
I did ask her what her prayer was but she said, 'nothing'
Then what is it you say with your hands raised up to the sky every morning?
'I am just grateful to the Creator for a beautiful morning' she said
Those words melt my heart like butter in a hot pan
Recently, I have been stressed with life that I don't know how beautiful the morning is
I know sometimes life can be so hard
I'm too ignorant to know what it is called though
I know what my heart desires
I have seen what my voice requires
Regardless, I am off to the land of thanksgiving without no desire to retreat
My arrival is just in time cause I am ready to unbottle my unspoken words of gratitude to that one man in heaven who is extremely good.

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