By Okolo Chinua 18 months ago

December 10th...That was the day I first met her, Theresa. I could still recall how I had practised tons of speeches to impress her.Theresa was the kind of lady every man would fall for. She was light skinned, slender and extremely beautiful. To top it all she was the best student in my class. She was a very reserved lady who caught the fancy of all. 

I had taken to her but I was discouraged as I was the very opposite of all that she was. I can still remember how I had stayed up all night, listening and memorizing mesmerizing love lines.The day I had first spoken to her, that evening after classes when the rain had decided to play with us.I still had that memory in my head.I wasn't prepared but I had acted impulsively,rushing and covering her with my bag as she dashed out, daring to go home in the rain. I could still recall that smile of hers that melted my heart. I was embarrassed by my action but I didn't care.I walked her home that day.That was two years ago.  
Our anniversary was today and I had planned to make it big. It was because of that that I felt the shock more as I stared at the pieces of white paper lying on my table. One was a letter, another, an invitation. It read,
                                     My loving Samuel, 
      I'm most grateful for all that you did for me. I do not know how to thank you and that is why I feel the most regretful to break this to you this way. I just met this amazing guy and I'm sorry.... But..I feel this passion that was never there in ours. I've tried to deny it but I can't any longer. I'm really sorry. 
       I'll really appreciate it if you come for my engagement party. Accept my deepest apologies. 
That was the letter. I had read it over and over again and again and each time, it felt worse. Pathetically, I picked up the second piece of paper which was the invitation. I recognized the name at once.I knew the man she was engaged to,Thomas, my long time rival back then in the University, who had sworn to take everything I had. In it his picture seemed to mock me. I flung the invitation away and broke down. I wanted to cry but my tears refused to flow. I was sad but couldn't express it, I wanted to scream but my voice failed me. I hugged my knees and sat on the floor as I stared at my table, my table which housed my anniversary gift.


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