By Frederick Elumah 3 months ago

o de ‘ear me moon,
our dear ones are our family,
i have never lived a moment without you,
my past hurts my memory,
desperation of haste to own,
to own emptiness
hurrying for against time,
a cue to grace grave...
o'er sunny day,
dust to dawn in shower pain,
itches of gulp impounded gain,
the one i thought i loved
was just a dream never dreamt,
a time they say is for everything,
a time to be born and a time to die,
i have rushed beyond my time,
revived by family,
an open hands to the prodigal,
hopes for a new leaf,
a chapter with no melancholy tales,
a magic moment inspired poem,
an embrace of a pleasant life,
blessing for a new year,
thanks to the blood that is thicker than water,
happiness unleashed day after...

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