MASKED. Chapter Thirteen

By Juliet Dauda 14 months ago

Chapter Thirteen Jems I'm out" I called walking out of my office. "Of course you are. It's the first Friday of the month afterall and you are off to only-God-knows-where as usual" She replied looking up from her laptop. "Yeah right. Tell Anna to wait for me when she comes" "Of course, Of course" She dismissed. I drove to the market to get the things I will be taking with me -food stuffs, toiletries, stationeries, and clothing- before driving to my destination. I horned and the security came to confirm who it was. "Welcome Madam Joselyn" The rather aging security greeted as usual. I smiled "Good morning sir. How is the family?" "We thank God. They are very fine" "Thank God for that" "Yes, go ahead" He ushered. "Thank you" I said driving inside the compound. I walked into the building and the squeals of the children engulfed me, bringing me close to tears. How did I turn out this blessed that I put smiles on the faces of this Orphans by just showing up? They pulled me into a group hug making me squat to their level as I drew their cheeks. "Miss Joselyn how does my hair look?" Esther asked. "You know you always look good sweetie" I said patting her head, she scowled. "Thank you. But we don't want to spoil the hair now, do we?" She asked running her hand down her cornrows as though arranging it. "Nah, we don't" "Good" She said. I smiled. Esther is only eight years old but definately a sharp kid. Why the girl always wants to look good is beyond me. "Come on" David pulled my hand urging me to come with them. We walked to the garden and sat down on the grass. Faith, a three year old stood in front of me and I hauled her to sit on my lap. "How are you?" I whispered in her ears. "I'm fine" "Okay, so what should we talk about today?" I asked them. "Creativity" Isabel chipped in immediately with a radiant smile. "Nah, I think beauty will do" Esther countered running her hand through her hair. "What?" Isabel asked looking slightly confused. "Like she doesn't know what beauty is" Esther muttered rolling her eyes. Goodness, what do I do with this child? "Esther I have told you to always be polite with others. It cost nothing" I said. She pouted "Sorry" she said patting Isabel's arm who in turn gave her one of her beaming smiles. "Good" Samuel looked deep in thoughts. The child is just too curious for his own good. I silently watched him, waiting for the question that was to follow. "Miss Jose" Samuel called. It still feels weird hearing that name from someone else other than Sarah but the child chose that part of the name. I sighed "Yes sweetie?" "Are you sure being polite costs nothing?" "Uhm... you think it does?" "I don't know. It takes ones pride, I guess" "Okay... care to explain?" "You have to keep pride aside to be polite with others right?" "Yes dear. But then, is pride a cool thing?" "Nah. It's not" "Good" I said "So about creativity. Isabel let's hear you" She stood dusting the backside of her dress "Okay, so I think everyone has a bit of creativity that he or she has to explore and show the world. It could be song writing, painting, play writing, dancing and so many others that could need even the slightest coaching just to help realise it" "Wow, I like that" I clapped "So which one of these are you interested in?" She smiled sheepishly "Dancing" "That's cool sweetie" "Samuel?" He smiled "Painting" "David?" "Song writing" "Fathie" I tickled her. She squealed. "Singing" She whispered. "Awwn... that's sweet hunnie" "Esther?" "Uhm..." She fidgetted "I don't know. Makeup?" She asked looking unsure. David sniggered. I smiled" You love makeup?" She nodded "But I guess I'm too young for such" She sighed. "We are catching the geniuses young sweetie. You will pursue that dream, won't you?" "Sure" She smiled. I looked at Hannatu, she has been quite since I arrived. She is so bothered about the parents she never got to meet. I sighed "Hannatu?" She smiled "Playwriting will do" "Good one" I asked all the kids and it was quite a fun time hearing them speak of their dreams as their eyes lit up at the prospect of doing what they love and then we also work on ways to achieve all these. Starting from what they had to, how they should practice and getting someone to talk to them. "Okay sweethearts, Miss Joselyn has to get back to work" I said smiling.They groaned in protest. "You know I will come back soon" "A months time doesn't sound like soon though" Samuel said. I sighed "You know I can't stay for too long without seeing you sweethearts, right?" Faith pouted. "Awwn..." I drew her cheeks. She squealed smiling. "You know we wil... read more

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