MASKED. Chapter Ten

By Juliet Dauda 16 months ago

Chapter Ten I started at the sound of my alarm clock going off. I slapped the clock in annoyance, silencing it immediately. How did I forget to switch this thing off yesterday? I sat up and rubbed my temple willing the sleep to leave my eyes. I picked my Bible and opened the chapter for the day, Second Timothy chapter two. I read to verse seven and my eyes just won't leave the verse. Love... Power... Self-control I wrote it down to meditate on for the day and read through the remaining verses, after which I prayed and decided to get ready for the day and drove to work. "Good morning" I greeted Jemima at her desk. "Morning Sel. Thank God you are here" She sighed. "Okay?" "Mrs Adebayo just called requesting for the delivery of her dress" " But you did say it was ready" "Yes it is, but John, Harriet and Godwin had already set out some minutes before she called" She said. "Why didn't you send one of the others then?" "That is why I need you. I was hoping you will help one of the girls with the clothes they are trying to finish because they are all busy and those clothes are to be delivered today. I don't know if I should..." "Wait, wait, wait. Calm down" I said "Goodness, what's got you all worked up?" I sighed "Okay, how about I deliver it myself?" "You will?" She asked looking a bit surprised. I rolled my eyes."I will. Where is it?" "Oh, here" She said giving me the packaged dress with the address written on it. "I will be back in a jiffy. You looked tired. Jems did you sleep last night at all?" "Are there bags under my eyes?" She asked "With all that concealer?" She rolled her eyes "It's just makeup" She murmured. "Oh, yeah?" Looking at her closely, she looked tired as though she has been working all night "Just take the day off, Jems" I added walking towards the door. "Why?" She asked gaping at me. "What is why? You look like a walking ghost" She gasped "Do I look that bad?" She asked standing up. She looked about ready to start panicking. "Well... not really. But you should r... read more

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