By Mercy Godwin 3 weeks ago

The buffet was lovely. I, Jide and Lucky were in the club and eyed the cocktail of pills in front of us. 

Rephnol, Tutolin, Codeine, Emzolyn, D5 and Emzo5 in all their glory and colours. They were the pleasures we knew and thrived on. The context of which was irrelevant.

Burna boy's "Ye" boomed from the speaker as we helped ourselves. Skoochies and German juice were also on the menu that night. 

We sat at the edge of the bar and chatted away as Ejina went about selling his goods to his usual customers. He was our main dealer and everyone knew him because he always had the good stuff. 

My eyes roamed the dance floor as many girls danced. Different shapes and sizes covered in different degrees of tight and skimpy outfits, all very beautiful they were but I didn't feel like diving in so I just enjoyed the view. Most were old faces but there were a few new ones too, ones I'd not seen before. 

I saw Ejina dance to one of the new faces and whisper something to her as she danced alone and they stepped outside. He was obviously going to sell her pills.

Anyone who had been in a night club knew there were at least two sections to it. That for the VIPs and then the general area for the rest of us lower creatures. Anyone like that also knew that the VIP area was for the big boys those you wouldn't want to mess with no matter what you were smoking that day. 

I left the guys and casually stepped out for air and to smoke then I heard screams coming from a corner a few feet away, beside a white parked car. I took a closer look and there were some guys roughing up a fellow. He laid on the floor in their midst curled into a ball and holding his stomach.

It took me a while to realise that it was my man, Eji.

"Don't let me see your black face in this club again, boy", one of his attackers shouted and kicked him on the head with the tip of his boot before they left him and drove off.

I got to my man to help him up and he could barely stand. He was in a really bad shape and his face was covered in blood and bruises.

"Guy, what were you doing messing with the big boys?". I asked as I sat him down.

"Thanks, man", he said. "All I did was sell stuff to a girl, turned out she was one of theirs and a recovering addict".


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