Loving Yourself

By Glory Praise 4 months ago

Now, before you look away, hold on a bit, I know that before now you have probably heard enough "Love Yourself messages" to last you a lifetime...But hey, there is more to loving yourself than buying yourself stuffs, taking yourself out, spending time alone with yourself, constantly cheering yourself up that you can make it in life *laughs* Now I'm not saying that doing these things are wrong or not important... I am just trying to point you in the direction of loving yourself in accordance with the knowledge of the purpose of your existence because you cannot love what you don't know or understand.

 Loving yourself starts with the mind...your mind. You start by understanding who you are and what you are existing for. You should understand that your existence is not a mistake no matter the circumstances surrounding your birth, that you are not an accidental discharge. You were not just born, but sent, not only sent but sent as a gift to the world to solve a particular problem in your generation. God created you with a plan and purpose for you.

 One mistake that people make is that they tie their existence around other people and allow others measure the amount of love they have for themselves. No matter what people try to say or do to you, always love you knowing that you are special because really you are.

 Loving yourself involves thinking well of yourself. Never think down on yourself or believe the worst about you. Think highly of yourself, know and believe you are the best of your kind, special and loved by God. Never see anything as impossible to achieve or become in life. Speak positive words into your life daily. It's sad to see people cursing and saying ill about themselves like "I'm a fool" or "I'm a failure" etc. If you love someone, you won't say mean things to the person, but how can you claim to love yourself but say mean things about yourself. Start speaking positively about yourself today.

 Loving yourself involves being real, being true to yourself and being you. You can't claim to love yourself when you are trying so hard to be someone else, while imitating and copying every step other people take just to make yourself feel good. Now it's ok to have a role model or mentor you look up to, but still try to be original, be a better version of that person by being you.

 Now, this understanding that you are unique and special in every ramification, should now trigger you to love and value yourself. Love yourself knowing that out of the millions of sperm cells released that night, you were the one who won the race *winks* you won it fair and square, the first race of your existence. So beat yourself and say "I am special  because it could have been anybody but I made it!"

If you love yourself, you are not going to lower your standards, you will not sell yourself (your body)  to anybody, you won't allow anyone to buy you...you are too expensive!

 In conclusion, You should know that people would not love you more than you love yourself. If you don't take care of yourself and respect yourself, nobody will do that for you. So don't just show yourself acts of love and start loving yourself truly today!

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