Lovin' You Means?

By Godwin Ebube 4 months ago

Loving you means 

Capturing your smiles 

With the lens of my eyes 

In pretty-dresed sunlight 


Loving you means 

Celebrating you always in my heart

And not because it's your birthday 

Because loving you means 

You're my most famous celeb.


Loving you means 

Talking all night till my eye sockets

Call the police for arrest 

Because nothing else 

Would I do, but to be with you. 


Loving you means 

Looking inside your eyes 

And seeing the dreams I have;

To make you my wife 

And just feel alright 


Loving you means 

I could run through rocky roads 

Just when you shed a tear

Because you're the apple of my eye-

I cry with you till we both get fine 


Loving you means 

Fighting rounds of battles

Which jealousy beats me hands down 

But to win your heart, I'd kneel down

And stoop to conquer. 


If you still doubt what 

Loving you means, 

Run right away to my lips 

And kiss my broken heart

Because loving you means

You're mine, my queen! 




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Godwin Ebube
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