By Obilor oluebube Charles 13 months ago

No matter how dark it is, the hand always knows the way to the mouth.


Darkness in this sense speaks of a challenging situation whereas the hand speaks of love in the affairs of life.

The proverb tells us that no matter the challenges one may be facing, love always finds a way to do what is right. When you love someone you find ways to not burden them but to be a blessing . But you see, the reason why love is able to find its way though the darkness is because love is light. Light we are told by science is made up different colors( particular all the colors of the rainbow).

In the same way love is made of different components. Love is joy, peace , patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentle and self-control. Often times our problem isn’t that the challenges are tough but that we don’t have true love. As they say in Denmark, “ faults are thin where love is thick”. Having good intentions is not enough. Good intentions never saved or provided help to anyone.

Love is the sum of good intention and best action. If you mean well, do well. Don’t just talk about the need to love. We all know that.

The world need people who love in actions. 


Be loving


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