By Frank Olunga Khange 2 months ago



Why does it seem like you are silent?

Deaf or blind,

blind to see our flooding tears,

deaf to hear our daily prayer.

We are sinners,

with short memory span,

why God, have You allowed corona to spread than the gospel?

Is this a prophecy or a spell?


We can not question You,

You see where we can't,

but Lord be merciful,

remember Your covenant with Noah,

and the promises You made with Abraham,

God, remember the death of Your son,

please don't forsake us.


Corrupt are our minds and morals,

and evil is our lifestyles,

How can we run from You?




these are Your nature,

Lord, why are we in torment?


These days are like the end days,

why are the prophets silent?

You said a son is not given a stone,

when he asks for bread.

Lord forgive us,

the lessons are tough,

take away Your anger.

May Your mercies rain.


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