Little Bird

By Frank Olunga Khange 3 months ago

Little bird I want to send you,

Send you to my beloved,

Tell her I am dying to see her again,

Little bird tell her my heart is in pain,

Mentioned my sleepless nights,

Tell her about my dreams,

Those sweet dreams.


Little bird don't be bad,

At arrival sing her favorite song,

Tell her to come back I was wrong,

Tell her I am tired of acting strong,

And remember to tell her how much I love her,

You are a witness little bird I have no lover,

Tell her I am sick and hot like lava.


Little bird on your way pick a flower,

Red flower,

And shower her with praises,

Make her smile,

Before telling her the bird news,

Go to my beloved.


Finally little bird,

Tell her she is beautiful than the setting sun,

Adorable than moon and stars at night,

And her smile is a world wonder,

Tell her she laugh like an angel,

Little bird go to my beloved.



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Frank Olunga Khange
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