Life Taught Me Lessons

By Abduwaheed Sofiullahi 4 months ago


Life taught me an unforgettable question; 

Without knowing an answer. 

Life taught me an Impressive words;

Without knowing how to spell nor pronounced. 

Life Introduced a longest adventure to me;

Unknowingly, either it's not far; or too long. 

Life Introduced an Inevitable sickness;

And provided the drugs. 

Lifestyle of Life; Is lifeless to live lovely. 

When life is acting like a favorable friend--sometimes, 

And changes within the twinkle of an hour to an unfavorable friend. 

Life taught me how to see; If I'm blind. 

Life taught me how to listen; without Ear. 

Life taught me how to protect myself from danger, 

Not from death. 


Copyright: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi.

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