Life Sucks?

By Jason Joshua chigozie 23 months ago


Life ain't  a bed of roses.. 

It doesn't give you a bed rather, 

It gives you a field, 

You determine creating ridges or a bed.. 


Most times wishes don't come through, 

Your wants ain't getting achieved

You wished for the best

The worst happens. 


Your emotions override your actions

You love, crush and trust those who doesn't deserve.. 

Those who deserve, are out there hurting

You all end up being hurt. 


Expectations hurt 🤕 

Try being the best in every situation.. 

Try smiling always... 

Try being focused... 


Sometimes people don't value what they have,  until it's gone, 

Never force things happen

Everything comes at the right time

Smile and do good always.. 

Remember KARMA

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