Life Of The Boy

By Chukwuemeka Nneke 7 months ago



A humble beginning he had, born into a middle class family. Grew amidst loving people- great parents, superb siblings, fantastic neighbours, and caring friends. Strived to be someone, took the bull by the horns; it had never been easy.....


Sunset was his favourite scenery, a meadow his favourite bed, nature his guardian angel. He was the boy who loved love. His eyes glistened in the sun, his gigantic nose popping out of his snout, his clavicle raised high, his chin up and his head held high....


He had this aura, this air of certainty, this vibe, this voice, and this look. It all seemed rosy, but the inner story was quite mordacious and tiring....

The teenage years had come, with the horror therein. His thoughts rested at a daggerpoint, where racing feet interlocked. Confusing algorithms, bodily changes, emotional "ons-and-offs". Can he endure it all? Friends called him "childish", classmates called him "small boy", teachers said "he's a good kid", but the Math of this life had no answer.


Equations jostling about his cerebrum, his hypothalamus officiating over homeostasis, the olfactory lobes intepret an acrid stench; the stench of fear......
The boy is confused. 
"Should thou trod the path of thy friends, and live the life, or should thou follow thy heart?"
Thy heart is fed up, fed up with being called weak, fed up with being called unwise. 
But why shall thou be compared to a summer morn?


He struggles day by day, prays for good tidings, with God over everything!

He decides....
"Follow thy heart, young lad so to lead the little'uns aright"
Shoulder thy yoke, it is thy cross to bear... For thou hath a brave heart, the heart of a lion. 
Roar, Roar, Roar...........
Cos every little thing gonna be alright.
For thou art a victorious being

Never give up....
Live the right way

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