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By Daniel Chukwuebuka 15 months ago

LIFE OF CAMPUS STUDENTS: a beginning of new session 



Life in higher learning is a thing that every student will certainly have a memory of, particularly when they have a discussion with a person who is still in higher institution. They tell the person things they passed through during their own days.  When you look at the life students pass through, it is not quite pleasant for all. We all know that as the fingers of a man are, which are not equal with each other, that is how life is to people in higher institution. There are students who are from a wealthy home, others from an average home and some from a low class. But, to all students, they are there to acquire the same education.

As it is, when a new academic session begins in the higher institutions, there are things that come into the mind of the students. They are issues like textbooks fee, while some think of the extravagant life out of their parents and think of returning even when it has not resumed. There are some who think on how they will pay up their academic debt, some concern with their tuition fee and some consider the stress in it, the lists are endless.


These are the kind of life students exhibit in the campus and when a new session begins. The category of people who sees the benefit of their education and the kind of life they would like to see themselves in the near future are few, but it is not partisan of me. It is just the truth. They will work hard on themselves and make sure it works on well.

As a new session begins, students should know and have it at heart that for what the pains are today, tomorrow will be better if only they set a great pace while in high institution. It should come to the senses of those who believe enjoyment is the thing since they are now far from their parents. But, remember, it is just four years and when it ends, life will boomerang on you with tough hurdles.

So, it is better to take the bull by the horn when the bull is calm than when it starts fidgety.








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