Life A Two Side Of A Coins

By Great Ahams 6 months ago



life is everything yet it empty,


Life is full of fun yet there is sadness everywhere,


Life is sweet yet is full of sorrow,


Life is big yet it can't contain everyone,


Life is hilarious yet people are crying every day,


Life is Rich yet there is poverty everywhere,


Life is everything yet there is nothing special in life,


Life is easy yet people find it difficult to discover their true potential,


Life is perfect yet people regret of existing on Earth,


Life is precious yet people are committing suicide,


So what kind of life is this? Would I call it an indirect and opposite fellow, or would I say it partial in it nature. I would say it two side of a coins which is;


Life is everything yet it empty and full of goodies,


Life is full of fun yet there is sadness for the beggar on the street and laughter for the rich,


Life is sweet yet it full of joy for Mr A and sorrow for Mr B,


Life is wealthy yet some people are poor while my friend is too rich,


Life is easy yet some people regret of existing while some are happy of existence...



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