Life A Manual?

By Sangowawa moyo 6 months ago

Sometimes I wish it has a manual,

So I'd read and go through it peacefully,

Walk through it like a graduate,

Be certified because I went through the process,

Not the event.

Get a good job and be happy.


Most people die from sleep,

Doesn't stop us from sleeping,

Unemployment is on the increase,

That doesn't stop us from schooling,

Accidents occurs when we travel,

Doesn't mean we shouldn't travel.


But each time we try to run from these things,

We go back crawling to it,

Directly or indirectly,

If only it had a manual,

Nobody would have cause to toil ,

Then we'd know our path before we start.


No one knows the ways of life,

Like poetry it holds different meaning,

Different rhythm,

We toil under the sun,

Yet no outcome,

Some little toil and boom.


It's no manual,

There's no manual to life,

Follow what's right,

Learn from mistakes,

Accept it as experience,

Life isn't a bed of roses.


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