Letter To Jimoh Isiaq

By Nana Hauwa 2 weeks ago

Dear Jimoh,

      I write this letter with a heart full of sorrow and eyes dripping water because I know you'll never read this and that's heartbreaking. I want to applaud you for your bravery and sacrifice. Nigeria did not deserve you, and I pray that if you were to be reborn, you end up in a country that will treasure you, nurture you, and where your life will not be violently taken from you for fighting for justice and your survival.

      I saw a video of your father weeping, and I can tell you that we all weep with him, even though we can only imagine the pain he is going through. May God be with your family and I pray they never go through this kind of pain again.

     I hope you find peace wherever you are, I hope it's a place of love and hope, without injustice. I shudder at the thought that what happened to you might happen again to another family, so if you can pray up there in heaven, say a prayer for the citizens of Nigeria, we need it. Sleep well king, my hero, our hero, Jimoh Isiaq.


                                                          Love and light,


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Nana Hauwa
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