Let Me Breathe

By Ogonnaya Uche 2 months ago

Can I have a second to breathe?

Can I even have some breath?

Oh! I can't breathe!

I wish I could breathe,

But Chauvin - ism wouldn't let me breathe,

Nor would the yoke to my neck


I want to breathe;

I deserve to breathe

But, sadly, I can't - 

No water, or something to drink;

My throat hurts and has begun to shrink

No fresh air to breathe;

No light to brighten my day

As I journey on this torturous way


I wish I could breathe

I wish I had something to quench my thirst

I wish my pigment was not put first

And my loin bore my sack in it's sheathe

But how can I this way breathe?


Since the world where I can breathe

Is in the next, then let me breathe;

If that is only where I can breathe

Without struggling for some breath

And without the yoke of a knee to my neck,

Choking from me my dying breath

Then let me breathe;

Let me breathe on...

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