Let Loose

By Precious James 6 months ago

Caged by my view on acceptance,

I accepted any treatment done to me as though I deserved it;

I served a servant to the slave of servitor—

But I was a prince.


I hid deep down beneath the shadows of people no one knew;

I yearned for acknowledgement yet lived anonymously.

Yes I was one, I was only, I was lonely—

A lone wolf and a lost sheep,

So I ate myself up with words human minds can't comprehend.


I was not good, I was black.

I was white to the bad —

In my mind I live like a King 👑,

Coz really, I am,

The king of the most famous Kingdom no one has ever heard of—

I was a ghost.


A ghost with skin,

Coz yes, I could feel the punches men gave me with their eyes, their lips;

their lies, theirs actions.

But I didn't have the mouth to speak, cuz they my said so.


I always had this leap- of faith when I could see someone living his dream, 

though I slept mine. 

Like I could tell you a full story about how he got there—

He slept to sleep and stayed woke in stress to achieve his dreams— yes!

Very correct — but not me!


You see I used to be the brightest star,

Till I figured everyone was blind.

So why shine when they'd all still stumble and fall, 

and blame you for not showing them the way—

I put off my candle,

Hid it under a bushel.

Pulled off my skin, wore a ghost.

Threw a way the keys to the lock holding my true nature,

Then for 13 years I watched as blind men began leading me,

Treating me like a mix breed of loser and lost.


I wanted to show them what really I am but I couldn't,

It'd only mean tearing away the stripes I used to taint my life—

The hurt, the pain, the sleepless nights, the endless races of 150mph,

I just couldn't, because they said so. 


But the day came when I saw blind men lead my world,

And slaves king over me.

Then I discovered that,

Acceptance is only a drawing board we give people to paint on.

And rejection is the sunshades blind men wear to cover their dead eyes from seeing light.


I am this light,

And I have been cage in my own mind. 

The image I saw was what people painted about me —to me!

They see a zebra, but I am a virile horse.

I am not just me,

I am 30% the population of the earth...



It figures I was the one holding the chains to my neck,

Dear world, I'm coming for you.


“Let loose” 

Written by Blqckmqn James ♠️.

© 2019, Rebranded. 

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