Leaders Of Today

By Abdullahi Bashir Sadiq 7 months ago


Why fake it?

Why pretend to love us?

Why forsake our dreams and lives?

See what your greed has cost us.


you give us hope,

You nurture us,

You say we are the leaders of tomorrow; tomorrow? 

Is it the tomorrow that you've enclosed and caged with your eternal greed and lust for power?


You promised us the best but you've given us less,

You say we can do better yet you don't give us the chance to,

You just plant your seeds of confusion amongst us, brainwashing the weak,

making us go against our dreams and desires and trying to make us your puppets,


But this is it, 

Today may be yours but Tomorrow is ours,

We are more than what you think we are,

We want to let you know, we are going to create a future far better than what you can imagine,


A tomorrow where equity prevails,

A tomorrow where our rights aren't trampled upon,

A tomorrow where corruption is spat on and seen as a disease,

A tomorrow where we can cherish and nurture our dreams,

A tomorrow where we can be who we want to be,

Not that tomorrow of yours where all hopes and dreams are chained, enslaved and prosecuted.


We want you to watch us grow and become greater than you'll ever be and achieve what you can't.

You maybe the leaders of today but we are the leaders of tomorrow.

                                              Kindest regards.

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