By Tracy Njeri 4 months ago

It's not only love that's needed 

But also feelings, emotions, respect

And most of all trust 

Trust builds it all. 


But it's so sad when you can't love

Being aware of yourself 

It is not his fault, nor their fault 

You are to blame

Your heart is to blame

You don't trust; 

Don't trust yourself 

Don't trust your heart 

The heart gets you in that position 

It drives you to your partner 

But then leaves you and your mind 

You try working on it

But it's all in vain. 


It causes you a lot of pain

Sometimes because you have to feign 

Feign laughter, happiness, love

Just because your heart can't love 

It is never enough for your heart 

You have to hurt 

From each side, corner

You are always cornered 

Left no choice but to hurt 

It kills from inside and outside 

Since you break hearts far and wide. 


You are always on the lookout 

Which heart is next? 

Can't he keep it away from mine? 

Hurt and pain, from me he'll mine

And tirelessly, easily gain

Anytime, your attitude, mood changes 

You don't even realize it 

Till you've hit!


That is bad

It is so sad

That one's heart can't 

Can't let one stay happy and stagnant 

Since to it, Love ain't enough. 

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