Not in a castle of walks

Or in the crescendo of thought.

Chucked with many opinions.

Some eaten and some at heaven's length.

Though I have created my path,not a doubt about that,though lost.

Why lost even if I have the light?.

And that grace peak fill my sight

Is it a beauty streak or my idly settle for a stare?

A question to be asked or a reality to be proven?

Whether I'd be lost or maintain a fact.

Still lost if the fact behind my ribs can't fathom it.

Or the colourless green ideas arousing?

A step of consideration I gave.

Drawing my lost sense out of it shell.

Who am I or I am who?

Not a figure of reflection but a divine fact created.

Lost to be a better sense rather than a shadow.

Lost still,not in doubt's hill.

Find me  and grant my heart long wishes.

Nothing lost,neither my mind or heart but me.

Not distracted but for a soothing balm to find.

Let me be found and never in folly way stray.

A trend of fact,not lost but a realism of self worth.

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