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Melissa couldn't concentrate on anything but the pregnancy test stripe in her hand. Her eyes darted over the test strip,anxious for the result,the places where the lines would appear. After five minutes,the first red line appeared followed by the second and immediately the colour drained from her face. She wasn't sure she could stand,wasn't sure she could speak. But one raspy question came from a tormented place in her soul. "Is this real?" Her hand began to spin,and she took a few steps back and sat on a wooden chair in her room. Her heart beat suddenly became faster than before. Her parents would disown her. She was certain they would kill her if they get to know. Her mother's warning sounded in her mind. "Don't go out with those boy you'll met in school. Whatever they tell you,don't go out with them". After a few seconds,a memory formed in her head. She had been a good girl until she met Peter three months ago on campus. The next weekend,they had agreed to met at the class block near the university Library. They had talked and laughed. She had trusted him,but there was something in his eyes she couldn't quite read. Before she knew what was happening, their words fell away and they started kissing. They went farther than she'd wanted to, she couldn't stop herself from giving in completely that night. When she got to the hostel,she was sure the truth was written all over her face. She wasn't a Virgin anymore. Melissa blinked and the memory was gone. "God....." She whispered the word ignoring the wetness on her cheeks. "I don't want to be pregnant please....." Melissa tightened her grip on the test strip,a sick feeling came over her. She grabbed at a breath,but it wouldn't come. Not all the way,and she suddenly remembered what to do. She didn't wait another minute,she reached for her phone and failed Peter's number and waited. "Hello?" Peter sounded tired, as though maybe he'd been sleeping. "Peter....." saying his name released more of the emotions building within her. She waited until the lump in her throat eased some. "I want to see you,it's urgent". "Now?" Alarm sounded in his voice. "Yes,now" She cleared her throat "Mel, what's it?" "Just meet me at the usual place in thirty minutes time" Her voice was firm "I need to see you face to face. Okay?" He hesistated "okay, I'm on my way". ****** Peter arrived at the class block before Melissa,and walked into the classroom. He took few steps towards their spot. Damp leaves lay across the table's surface. He cleaned them off,climbed up, and sat on the desktop. He stared at a far wall,looking at nothing in particular. What was it she wanted to tell him that sounded urgent? Hearing footsteps behind him, he turned around. After a minute,Melissa appeared. Dressed in a black T shirt and a faded blue Jean,she spotted him and stopped. Peter walked a few steps until he was standing in front of her. He leaned in and kissed her "You look pretty, Mel" Melissa pulled back and gripped his shoulders "Peter stop it, I'm pregnant" Peter felt his face go blank "what?" Melissa took a few steps closer "I said that I'm pregnant. I have been having pregnancy symptoms so I decided to do a test. The result came out positive.". Tears filled her eyes and spilled onto her cheeks. Peter heart thudded hard against his ribs. What had she just said? Pregnant? He took a step back and studied her face "I....I don't understand" "What don't you understand, Peter?" Melissa sniffed "I'm carrying your child" The truth worked it's way through him,and his eyes grew wild open,maybe he was dreaming. This wasn't really happening, was it?" Melissa was standing in front of him telling him she is pregnant, right?. He drew back enough to see her eyes, to search them and know for sure she was being straight with him,that she wasn't making it up "what are we going to do about it?" "Look, Peter......" She shifted her gaze to him. "I'm not ready to be a mother. I'm just in my first year in school and I'm not ready to be a dropout. In fact my parents would kill me if they get to know." "So what are you trying to say?" His voice was thick. "I want to get rid of it, anyhow" Melissa paused "God I'm finished. Please forgive me but I have to do this" "You mean you want to abort it?" His tone grew serious. "Of course" She looked straight at him. "Or do you want to be a father now? Are you ready to take care of the baby?" His gaze fell to the floor "No I'm not" "Me either" Melissa shut her eyes against the wave of sorrow that welled inside her. "Let's do this" "Melissa,this thing is risky. I'll advice you to keep it. You know abortion is murder". She shot him an angry look "Peter, don't make things worse than they are. You are not in my shoes, so you don't know how I'm feeling. I'm aborting it". His answer took a long time "okay,whatever you want to do is fine with me". "Better" He thought for a moment "meet me here by 8pm,I'll be coming with a friend. He knows stuffs about abortion" "Okay" she nodded. "I have a test by 10 am, see you by 8pm" With that he walked out of the classroom. ******** 8:00 PM "Melissa, this is my friend, Sam" Peter held out his hand to Sam "Nice to meet you, Peter has told me everything" Sam gave her a weak smile. Peter looked straight at Sam "He is a pharmacy student, he wants to tall to you" "Melissa, the process won't be easy but I want you to be strong. You will be given a drug mifepristone in combination with prostaglandin which appears to be as safe and effective as surgery.The most common surgical technique involves dilating the cervix and using a suction device,but that's not what you are going to do. Early medical abortion regimens using mifepristone but If medical abortion fails, surgical abortion must be used to complete the procedure. Melissa started straight ahead. A knot the size of a bowling ball had shifted in her heart. She lifted her fingers and covered her mouth for a moment. God.....Please don't allow anything to go wrong Sam was still talking, explaining how the process was going to be, but Melissa hadn't heard a single word. She could only think of the pains ahead. Sam stopped talking, and looked at her, waiting "Do you understand what I'm telling you, Melissa?" Melissa glanced at Peter, still standing beside her. She turned to Sam and gave a slight shake of head "yes,I do" He bit his lower lip and looked from Melissa to Peter "Peter, can I talk to you alone?" "Alright" He hesistated for a moment and moved a few steps away. "Peter, to be frank with you I can't do this. I don't have all the drugs at hand. I'm not ready to go into something I'll regret later. I'll advice her to keep the baby or better still get someone who is into this business. Peter's face was grim "Do you know someone?" Sam pursed his lips "Yes,h... read more

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