By Ariah Williams 8 months ago

You lied,

When you said you have been to the moon 

and back to find a woman like me.


You lied,

When you said I am one in a million:

You only gave me a reason to believe that

there are nine hundred and ninety nine 

thousand more whom you preach lies to.


You lied,

When you said that you love me from 

the bottom of your heart,

I could believe you but who are those on

top of your heart?


You lied,

And because I listened,

you thought of me as a fool.

I only keep listening to your lies because

they have turned my heart into a stone.


You lied,

When you told yourself that I can feel

your words and dance to your flatters.

If you doubt,hit my heart and the pain

Will be yours.




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