By Aniekan Andikan 3 months ago

We just got married. Four weeks and counting and we never had any reason to disagree, not to talk of quarrelling. The happiest part of each day was the time I closed from work, when I will rush home to be with the most beautiful, interesting and funny woman on earth. 

Initially, I was very terrified of getting married because of all the terrible things I read about couples who quarreled and fought day and night after one week of marriage. But we were already one month into it and still without a fight. 

So I resolved in my heart that there will be no quarrels in this marriage. As usual, I could not wait to rush home to my wifey. When I stepped in, I saw her, she was there watching TV and looking beautiful. As I entered, she got up to come and greet me.

Today's movement and body language suggested she needed a hug so I wrapped her up in an endearing embrace. I hugged her for a long time because I missed her all day.


"Stop hugging before you finish all the good juice in my body," she quipped with a knowing look after I released her.


I fell on the chair laughing and giving her the knowing look too. I was refreshed. 

She smiled and said "how was work honey?” 

"It was fine but its better now," I replied, gazing at her. 
She blinked at me. I smiled more. 

"How was your day?" I paused. 

"It was fine. I met an old friend when I went to the market. Her husband sales meat. It was so nice meeting her again after all these years. We used to be like 5 and 6 when were in school," she finished. 

"That means you had a good time today. So what did you get from the market?" my stomach was already anticipating.

I was hungry and was always hungry for her food.

"It’s a secret. I won't tell you," she said with faked defiance. 

Anyway, she led the way, I followed her to the dinning and sat down. Before "jack" I was already devouring the still warm okra soup she prepared. Most times before I came back she had already eaten. On such occasions, she only sat and watch me eat. 

This was one of those occasions. The soup was tasty but I perceived a faint undesirable smell in it. It was not very obvious until I grabbed the first kpomo and hurled it into my mouth. The taste of the soup changed, smell of rotten kpomo filled up my mouth as I bit into it.

Shit! What have I eaten? 

I could have spit it out and tell her that the meat was rotten but then I thought of all the pains she had gone through to prepare the food. I thought of how that single act could spoil her day. I thought of how that can make her angry, which could lead to our first quarrel, something I don't ever want to happen in this marriage. 

All these flashed through my head while my mouth paused for a few seconds. By the time she started looking at me with concern in her eyes, I smiled and swallowed the rotten kpomo. The concern dissipated slowly. I looked into the soup, four more kpomos to go... 

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