By Tolulope Peter 15 months ago



*KHUMBULA _(Remember)_*


Have you forgotten the day you cry unconsciously,

Trying to lift those harms, legs, and head,

The day you were born, mama loose blood,

Breastfed you, for you to be strong,

The sperm that broke the egg millions tried to confront,

Here you are complaining via annoying monologue.


Remember, there is a time to rise and a time to set,

A time to float and a time flow,

A time that looks dim and a time that glows,

A time with true friends and  time with true foes,

A time to stand firm and a time to stand on toes,

But remember, mysteries are on the way you need to unfold.


If you encounter stones pick them, you can make a ventilated mountain,

If you encounter log of woods pick them, make yourself a  wooden cottage,

Eat every challenge like a rolled sausage, a determination has no dosage,

Every step that you must have taken, has an illustrative message,

Sometimes you need to break some rules to be a walking image that encourages,

No friend; no foes in the womb yet, you broke through without compulsory tutelage.


Remember, there is a different direction to a destination,

The combinations of letters that bring ones down are also fit for resuscitation,

You need no introduction to the creator for him to perform His elevation,

Remember, that for every mission you embark on, there is always an instruction,

Remember, you are an extended inspiration for a coming generation,

Remember, time and chance are available for the living; after death, there is no hope



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